The P.A.R.T.I. Program is the most effective non-violence initiative in America. Leaders, I am a business professional and I have attended a few of the ‘Stop The Violence’ events put on by the P.A.R.T.I. Program. I am always amazed at how teenagers from all ethnic and financial backgrounds work diligently together to accomplish their common goal. We must ensure that their work will continue. – lmani Groce

I am blessed to have found this Program. This becomes an outlet and creates a safe and positive environment for us to grow in. I hope that we are able to reach others through this program. I am very thankful for being allowed to be a part of making a change in our communities. Thank you to the P.A.R.T.I. Program and everyone in it. – Jessica Castaneda

P.A.R.T.I. Squad is a positive movement. P.A.R.T.I. Squad works to keep youth in the community active and strives to educate others who are less fortunate. In this day where there are a growing number of single family homes, it is very important that we support programs that promote peace. With continued budget cuts in the education area kids today are left to be raised by the streets. PARTI gives kids choices. – Julie Clayton

The P.A.R.T.I. Squad has been on our campus (Oak Grove High School) for the past six years. Winston and his group have been involved in our challenge day, involved with our no bullying group, leadership group, and has been running fashion shows and Stop the Violence rallies that have included many Oak Grove students. The PARTI Squad is well respected on campus. – Jeffrey A Gingrich

I am honored to have an opportunity to tell everyone who reads this about the great program Winston Ashby has created. I have worked with Winston and attended his events over the years. The P.A.R.T.I. Program is an excellent program designed for youth to prosper into professional, successful adults. – Tysha of LockaMe Designs

My daughter & I recently worked with Winston for one of his shows. His commitment to our youth is amazing. His effectiveness as a role model gives our youth something to believe in. His vision for ‘a better way’ is awe inspiring and through the help of grants he WILL make the change for our youth! – Christine Herrera

As a counselor in a middle school, I see firsthand the way that our youth are bored and lonely without parents at home or programs to engage them. This boredom then turns into drug & alcohol abuse, gang life & a myriad of other poor choices that have a serious effect on their futures. PARTI provides an alternative to the negative & an opportunity for success. More money would help more deserving kids! – Allison Fine

I am very impressed with the efforts of P.A.R.T.I. Program’s events and shows. My students are excited that we‘ve recently brought it to our school. With further financial assistance, they can only bloom and grow. We‘d appreciate any aid and support to improve their program. – Josh Greene (Student services, Andrew Hill High School)

I have worked with Winston for nearly 15 years and his goals and objectives have always been clear – to help change the community through the impact of our young people. The P.A.R.T.I. Program has had a tremendous impact in the South Bay Area and I am looking forward to him expanding his success in other needed communities such as Oakland, San Francisco, and Richmond. – Erik Bell

I am a foster parent for teens in Santa Clara County. Several of my teens have participated in this program. I am so pleased that PARTI Program is available for my teens to participate in. It has given them something positive to do and the opportunity to learn new skills and utilize the skills they have. Thank you for being there. Keep up the good work. – Dianna

I am fond of how the P.A.R.T.I. Program captures youth’s attention by embracing their lifestyle and reinforcing the power of being focused on your dreams at a young age. Build and not destroy your community and life. It is an outlet in the community for youth. I‘ve observed youth outlining and achieving personal and group goals within this program. – LockaMe

I strongly support the goals, focus and substance of the PARTI Program. Over its decade of existence, it has provided a positive resource for Bay Area teens and has focused them on issues of leadership, team building and community organization. As such services are in dire need of structural support, I urge that every effort be made to aid and support the PARTI Program. – Jason Stewart

The PARTI Squad is an excellent program for high school kids needing support and an outlet in their lives. Winston is a great leader and director and wants the best for high school kids and the community. Also, he dedicates his time to lead those in this program. Help and support the needs of many. – Bianca

Winston has worked with our students at my high school for about 10 years. I know that different kids are drawn to different programs and different styles. Winston has been successful in making a positive impact on many of our students and his PARTI Squad has been a welcome addition to our activities program. Maybe with a little financial aid he will be able to do more. l hope you can help! – Jackson

The PARTI Squad is an excellent program for high school students. Many of the students who have participated, comment that they feel a great sense of pride while being a part of this program. I would recommend this program as an excellent outreach for any high school student. – Linda

The PARTI Program serves as a positive outlet for students at our school in which they develop leadership, event planning, and communication skills. The PARTI Program‘s commitment to eradicating violence and bringing our community together through youth empowerment is something our school community desperately needs. – Tamara

The PARTI Program is organized by volunteers who are committed to make a change in our community to enhance the lives of the underserved youth. Proposed state budget cuts in our schools will eliminate programs. The PARTI Program will help fulfill the needs of the students by providing programs to educate them in alternative life styles to become productive members of their community. – Liz Puga

The PARTI Program is an amazing program for youth. I enjoyed being in the Program when I was in High School and l will continue to be a part of it because of the impact that it has on the lives on teenagers. High school is a critical part of life and the PARTI Program provides its participants with amazing opportunities and it helps them grow into positive individuals and role models for others. – Lea Nelson

The students at our high schools need as many partnerships with positive community programs that support positive direction and influencing their present as well as securing their future. It is important that they continue and expand their participation in our schools. I support this program’s vision and I encourage others to do the same. We are seeing the growth in students who have participated. – Christopher Cade