Our Goal

Our goal is to create a seamless network of services that address the academic needs, positive social connection to peers and caring adults, concern for personal and physical health, removal of barriers to employment, character development, service to community, and involvement and inclusion with higher education/vocation institutions.

Youth Response

Through our data collection recently, we found that youth responded positively to our program based on their need to:

• Feel like they have caring adults working with them
• Feel like their voice is being heard
• Feel like they are prepared to deal with conflict and challenging situations in their life
• Feel like they are connected to opportunities to help them thrive after high school

Youth We Serve

Many of the youth we work with have at least the following characteristics:
Truancy; low grades; little or no self-esteem; are or may have been on probation; expelled from school; poor reading and math skills; health inequalities and little information to make healthy informed decisions.

Our Deliverables

We are making sure to help them identify their support structure at home, at school and in the community. Our strategies are:

• Provide interactive programs to youth that is supported by evidence based researched.

• Allow for youth to have a voice in every delivery method of our program activities.

• Assemble a board of directors who can provide resources to support our organization’s mission and need of the youth and families that we serve.

• Create strategic partnerships so that participants will have access to support that will help them develop into resilient adults.

• Provide opportunities for youth to give back and serve as leaders within our organization.

GuideStar Report