Picture1The P.A.R.T.I. Program (Positive Alternative Recreation Teambuilding Impact) believes that our children are our community’s greatest assets. Every day we work to change the lives of youth who suffer from bullying, depression, violent lifestyles, unhealthy relationships, and unstable families. We provide support activities for many low-income and underrepresented youth who otherwise never receive an opportunity to be heard or get placed in leadership roles in their school. PARTI Program believes leadership and service should be the common expectation and experience of all young people. See our Programs on the website


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ExPosure Charity Event

October 4, 2018 | 6-9:00PM | Santa Clara Convention Center


A brief interview with the founder of PARTI about an upcoming fundraiser.

Retired San Francisco 49er and Superbowl Champion Dennis Brown To Host ExPosure Charity Event

2017 ExPosure Fashion Show Charity Event was a HUGE Success!

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Thank you, Kaiser Permanente, Playground Studios, Dennis Brown, and youth who shared your story in order to bring this video to life!

We all had a great night with Retired 49er Superbowl winner Dennis T. Brown, representatives from Kaiser Permanente, San Jose Sharks, and the Shortino Foundation. Joshua Russell did a fantastic job hosting the Social Mixer for us, and Chris Boyd, Jan Eric Nordmo, and Ravinder LaL showed up and showed out!

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PARTI Program | Change The World 2017


“I admired one of the other participant’s courage and growth because she spoke to me about the past of being a victim of bullying. I feel good about myself being able to spread the message of stopping violence & being able to be a role model for others. Thank you for bringing me into PARTI. You have become a big positive influence in my life. I have been able to grow so much through the program and it has helped me gain a great amount of confidence in myself which I can honestly say, I lacked when I was first was brought into the program. I am so much more vocal and social. I have found it so much easier to be in front of crowds. I feel like I have grown a lot because of you & your program. Thank you.” – Jasmine, Student 2017

“Coming into this school there were many fights and problems amongst other students, but ever since this program was brought to our school there has been less fights and situations. This program helps me have a voice and be heard so we don’t end up like other communities where they feel they need to cause destruction and be violent to get someone to listen to them. I am thankful I got to help.“ – Leslie, Student 2016

“What is unique about our program is that it is the only one of its kind in the Bay Area and our programs join up with other programs.” – Kevin, Student 2016